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I am 33 age, single.181 cm 76 kg.I am sensitive.I have no brothers. My father is left job on reaching retiring age.Mother is still working as teacher of college of nursing in an university.Grandfather and grandmother were dead.My address in siga ken is about central of Japan, near kyoto too.Lake Biwa is near.Please look at Japanese map .On the middle of Japan island, there is a lake .We call near there Kansai.
I usually go to my school ,kyoto university by train 40 minutes and bus 30 miniuits.I am special student studing Christianity and Bible .I am studing biblical Greece and Hebrew.I studied literature ,painting ,philosophy ,medicine.I like classical music .
I am a man with a great deal of personality. So I am embarrassed by explaining about myself to woman who know first.Though generally speaking,Japanese are lack individuality .
My life course is different from general life.Thought I didn't hope it,medical accident at 15 age harmed my brain,nerve cell .It decided my life course . My body have no parts that can not move or use,no parts difficult to move or use .I have no sick by virus. Only ,I am very easy to do tired.I am difficult to have enough to sleeping.Both studing and working are hard for me now.It owing to brain's lesion by the medicine. I am waiting for recover of brain in my house.I feel bitter very much.
But I think that I am the man who have worth for having friendship for many people.For example ,I can explain about Japanese society from many angle more detailed than average famous commentators.I studied many fields by alone, etc.
I think self-education is important .I believe not university and old genius but my talent priority.I am particular about original excellent brain nerve netwark.I think knowledge ,ability, achievement and educational background are not important.
I can speak English only a little. I am sorry..I have no lover and girl friends. Japanese women often judge man only by appearances.They watch man from money. I am searching my marriage partner in the future from the world.It is one of the purpose of appear in Internet. But even if anyone will not hope it forever,I have meaning to continue internet for long time. Friendship is important ,too.