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    1.Inpor tance of ancient languages in studying Old Testament
    2.Introduce of "ICA Stones"
    3.The third world war in 21 century
    5.Is not Japan God country, truely?
    6.The Existence of God
    7.The Name of God
    8.My relationship with God
    9.Today's Drug induced Disease
   10.Abstract for WPA congress 2002 in Yokohama

     1. Inportance of ancient languages in studying Old Testament

  In New Testament Studying ,we may believe Greek Text easily.Because even if Jesus spoke 
Aramaic,Biblical Greece is same generation  language.So Translation is believable. 
   But in OT studying it is difference.Biblical Hebrew established B.C.1000.
   OT wrote from B.C.4000 to B.C.300 Israel history .What language did Abraham speak?
  It is maybe Sumerian or Akkadian in Ulu and  Canaaite or Ugaritic in Israel and Egyptian in 
Egypt days.   
  Can you translate these ancient languages to Biblical hebrew exactly?
 It is difficult .But bible write Abraham's word in Biblical Hebrew.Can we understand the 
meaning of communications Abraham and God exactly only by reading OT in Hebrew?
 So I want to study these ancient language in spite of Biblical Hebrew.I am researching these 

                  2  Introduce of "ICA stones"
   1996,Kyoto University student Teruo Azuma carry small two "ICA Stones"back to Japan from 
Dr.Cabrera's house in Peru ,first.
   The very strange design 10,000 stones has excavated for near several years in near the 
River Ica ,Ica city,Peru by professor of Ica university,Dr Javiwr Cabrera Darquea.
   The design is dinosaur ,a man on the flying dinosaur, a heart transplant,growing up 
dinosaur,world map,etc.
    We usually think dinosaur were all dead before appearing mankind.Who could write such 
    Cabrera insist on Mankind being with dinosaur in ancient world.
   I watched  true"ICA stone" carefully in Azuma's home and discussed .
   I thought the carved line in the stone is too tidy .It is no wide point and no narrow 
point.I said it Azuma .Azuma said to me"Cabrera said these stones were soft when it carved 
age." No one interested in this stone without me in Kyoto University.
   I think ICA stones is not an imitation or made and buryed by modern peaple.
   I want Dr.Cabrera to come Kyoto University and explaine us and discuss with scholar.
   Please ,Cabrera come to Japan hurry up.

      Javier Cabrera Darquea
         The Message of the Engraved Stones of ICA.

      Corneria Petratu/Bernard Roidinger
           Bettendorf'sche Verlagsanstalt Gmbh  Germany 1994

               3.   The third World War in 21 Century
  Without "Peace Simpleton" Japanese, anyone don't believe 21 Century will get the end 
in the peace.
 Certainly The Third World War will come.
 I imagined 9 scenarios.

   The confrontation between the Arab States and Israel is get violent. Israel use nuclear 
weapon. U.S.A. support Israel . Russia and France support Arab. U.S.A. seek support from U.K. 
,Japan ,Germany etc. 
   China become imperialistic and invade Japan to get the technology. Japan seek support 

   U.S. economic conditions become bad.The various inside problems can not solve.The civil 
war and split happen. To keep unified nation the strong Nationalism come. A imperialistic 
President insist on "We have been particular about Democracy. But , now ,We must decide to 
abandon it to save our country.". U.S. invade other all Nations to build World empire.

   Russian right-wingers or communist party get power.They return back to Stalin style.
   Russia and U.S.A. unite and invade other all nations to build the World Empire .

   Russia and China  unite and invade other all nations to build the World Empire .

   The Arab guerrillas use terrorism  by the nuclear weapon in Washington.D.C..
    U.S. President and all government's official are dead. U.S.A take reprisal bombing to the 
all main Arab city .  
    North korea invade Japan suddenly.Japan and U.S. capture North Korea.China and Russia 
attack Japan and U.S..

      U.S.A. COLLAPSE  
    U.S.A. collapse. The World lose order.No country have power to stop any war of aggression.

  However we cope each case?

         4.   Self-Medicalism
  Self-Medicalism is one of Satoshi Hayama's thought. It is that the patients diagnose, treat 
,study, their illness by themselves. It is ultimate recovering of the Rights of Patients 
,too. It is the program of the most radical revolution in medical history like a socialist 
movement revolution.In 21 century some model Self-Medicalism hospital will born.And most of 
hospital will shift such style till 24 century.
   Why we need such system?
 1.There are men ( a part of medical malpractice sufferers )that any doctor do not examinate 
and diagnose right. They must examinate by themselves.The medical that doctors and patient 
make together can't save them.
 2.From the first mankind had treated themselves in ancient age.Who have right snatch the 
patients right that they treat alone?
 3.Originally treatment of sick is individual enjoyment. 
 4. Studying medical science is the mission that heaven give to the patient.
 5.The patient has more large studying energy than doctor .Because they must die if their 
studying will not succeed. They are many too . So studying by patients is more successful.In 
spite of it accelerate progress of medical science ,the society will get  ability to have 
been watching doctor use studying for wrong purpose. Society waste the studying energy and 
volition to get health of patients.
 6.For the man who have academic talent,doctors who has no talent spend  the nation's 
studying money is too much for him. He think that if I can studying about my illness ,I can 
treat it and I escape death. He will die in strong  regret.
 7.Many of patients die by reason of Today's medical science can not treat .But at least I 
can not agree. It is merely the result of unenthusiastic and incompetent and studying 
monopoly of doctors. Truly ,if all doctors had enough ability and study perfectly, the result 
may different. I can not agree that they say "Today's medical science can not treat this 
ill." They must say that"Our ability and eagerness are not enough to treat this ill ".We must 
not tolerate doctor's monopoly on studying medical science. Their researching ability is not 
enough and a half of them are unfit. Why we must die a victim  as such men? 
  The doctor forbid patients studying alone .They must say "amateur doctoring is too 
dangerous. It is self-righteous". Because they do not want to be known their true ability 
level by society and if many men get ability to treat themselves, doctor's necessity 
,authority, assessment and income will decrease.    
 8.Till 20 century Patients movement is Informed consent in consultation room and getting own 
information from doctor.But 21-22 century movement must dominating all medical studying area 
and doctor's independence by patients. In 23-24 century movement purpose will be dictatorship 
of patients.
 9.There are men can save only by medical science made in person.If such men want to save his 
life ,he must make another medical science by himself.But if he succeed it,he can not save 
him without Self-Medicalism hospital.For example  a case modern psychiatry diagnose a man 
schizophrenia ,and it is right diagnosis in modern diagnostic method,but he is normal because 
modern psychiatry and mankind culture are not right.In such case ,how to save him by medical 
made by patients and doctor together? It is impossible. For saving him, we need right that 
patient diagnose himself equal doctor's diagnosis.Without such right ,he can not recollect 
wrong diagnosis.There are many men who need place hide away from doctor's wrong diagnosis , 
attack and evil. 
    We must realize Self-Medicalism hospital hurry even if it is crime in this society.

     How to realize it in this society?
 1.We need to exchange law that make it possible.
 2.We make new hospital that practice it.

    The Hospital founded on Self- Medicalism.
  *Membership system
  *To become member, people must pass examination about medical science.
  If the patients does not have enough knowledge to treat themselves ,they must fail. 
  *Hospital has research institute and giant research library .
  *Members develop new medicine and medical machines.
  *Doctors work as adviser.
  *Member must study joint research about another incurable disease patients.
  *Membership fees are about 10,000-100,000 yen a month.
  *Member fee all his expense for his treat and study without insurance.
  *Joint management by all members.
  *Members do by themselves diagnosis and  many of internal treatment .
  *Members have the surgical operation by surgeons according to suggestion by themselves.
  *All medicine are chosen by the patient .
  *The patient decide all checkups and write his patient's record.

5.Is not Japan God country truely? 1999,June-5

Is not Japan God country truely?

With the end of second War ,a inportant thought a very important traditional thought like
religion was completely dead.
It is that Japan is God country.
We must think what second war is as Japanese.It is releated another most important quetion.
What is Japanese?
Japan is too difficult to understand by mankind.

After end of secand War ,famous Yukio Mishima (Kimitake Hiraoka-true name) insist on Japanese
old thought and Empeler centering system.He had action with dangerios right -wing.At last
he was dead ,killed himself as one old samurai,after his speach in ichigaya.He commanded
right wing to cut his neck.His Neck exist on Next day's news paper .All men said he was mad.
I do not think he was mad .He was completely normal. He was too normal.
Secand war is bad .But it is war as worship of religion for Japanese.
Japanese called his God by fighting impossible-win war.It was question "what is Japanese?"
as Japanese.Japanese seeked answer by war.Because any studying could not give answer.

After ending war two Japanese soldier was living in Guam Lsland and Saipan Island giangle
alone.Yokoi and Onoda.Onoda already Knew the end of war when he was found by Japanese.
But he thought the end of war is not Japanese fight.So he think he must continue soldier.
What is this? How we explaine them?
In human histry,is there such extrodinary evedent?

It was agony that joining nothing to top of self-consciousness.
For example, Jewish's agony is difficulty to accept old Testament.Japanese agony is reverse.
We must live as too extrodinary people in world without any book writing about us.
For example,Japanese nation flag is simbol of sun. But the sun is for all people.
That flag express Japanese can not do placement of different occupational categries in world.
Japanese histry resemble schizophiranie patient life. Closing country in Edo-age,Violent to
all country and defeating all world thought in Secand War ,Ecconomic war aganst all the world
after war. They are all result Japanese have been seeking about "what is Japan?".

I think Mishima wanted to say Japan is God contry.He killed himself for people stoping forget
it. For peoople will have been thinking about it.For people understand it someday.
If Japan is not God country,if Japan is one of country only having a little abnormal
spilitual tradition,why we had been living such very excentric histry?
Why we are usually living only as such abnormal nation?

Japan is God country truely.
It is the most important that how Japan is God country.
Maybe acient age,a part of Jewish came to Japan.So a part of Japanese is descendants of
them.It is Japanese-Jewish same root doctorin.
This thought is said by a part of right wing before war,Eiichiro Oyabe etc.It is political
porpuse.But there are serious men insist on this thought by normal studying.For example
Joseph Eidelberg wrote in "The Japanese and the ten lost tribes of Israel.1980 The Sycamore
Press in Israel" about it.

And God (of cource Jesus Christ) has special plogram by useing a part of Japanese.
I think it is only Satoshi Hayama and my decendant.
So God country is not Japan nation but Satoshi Hayama.
I write about it another oppotunity.

6.The existence of God                      June-7 1999
About existance of God ,mankind have been thinking from acient world till modarn age.
But anyone can not find answer.
Does God exist truely?
If God exist ,which God exist? or unknown God exist?
It is eternal question for man.
A method to understand this question is think and think slowly by useing all fierld
knowredge like climbing high rock.
The studying is composition.The very best composition can undersand difficult quetion.
The scholer who have only one or two field knowledge are cheep even if he is famous.

Primary attention about the beauty in the sacred books of all religion.
How much contain beauty ,own sacred book word?
Measure quantity of beauty and compare about all religion.
Of course this studying need completely understanding all arts .
At the result only the beauty contained in the Bible is very giant.

Next ,thinking is condition of God.
How to prescribe about condition of God?
For example
1.God must teach himself to creatures.
So unknown God does not exist.
2.God must teach about the begining and the ending of world to creatures.
So for example Buddism is not reality.
3.God save all right men and punish all evil men.
4.God give men saving not they hope but truely fitted with their essence and their own

Next,thinking is the book that write about true God is how special feature have?
For example
1.The identity of God is keeping in all part.
2.That book has no wrong thinking.
3.That book is not written by any human ambition
For example I feel ambition to unity Arab people by religion about The Koran.

Next ,thinking is ,Did not contradict between important thought,histrical reality and The God
existence ?

1.Evolutionary theory.
Tere are a little biologist deny Evolutionary theory without religious purpose.
2.The silnce of God.
Why God keep silence? Modern age is middle point from New Testamnt age to St.John
revelation age.God are waiting full the sin of mankind for punishing all mankind by
pretending God do not exist.
3.The church histry.
If truely God in New and old Testament exist,can everyone get faith in church?
No. Nobody can get faith. Because God abandned all Christianity long time ago.
If a man go to church and accept baptism,people think he get faith similary at New Testament
age .But It is not right.That men does not get faith.Why? I thought and thought for long time
about it for 15 years.
"modern christian have faith too"This thought is right or error?
At last I thouht this is error.I found the key for understanding it in St.Paul's word.
St.Paul express about faith by the possessive case.He thought faith is belong to God.If he is
right ,the case of God does not beleive anyone age ,anyone can't faith.Accoding to him ,faith
is "primary God believe the man and the man return believe.this circulation of reliance".
If God does not believe anyone from D.C.4-till our age,anyone can not get faith.
If we affirm both God existance and Church faith ,it is contradictory to world history.
Most of man deny God existance and affirm Church faith .I deny all Christian's faith from
D.C 4 till modern age.But I affirm the God existance.
He is Satan that all church master is.All church is body of Satan.All Christian pray to Satan
Satan is more great than all Christin's God image.Satan is the most wise creature.
Do you think Christian can understand his clever control technique?
He is always very clever .His thouht is very fast like the wind.Even I can not understand him
completely.How did he get all Christianity?
That method is same he got Judaism before Jesus Christ.If you want to cut a grass,it is
difficult to pull it.But if you frizzle it ,it is easy.Satan had been become Christianity to
dead letter.
.The all World histry is one wild fancy and escaping from God for long time.

4.Mental illness
The Bible said the schizophrenia and eplepsy is evil spilit.
Is it true? I think a part of eplepsy and most of Schizophrenia are by evil spirit.
I have spoken with more than 1000 mental illness peoples.All medical students meet after
lecture about psychiatry,and paitients meet them after tought about their illness by nurse
and the mental specialist.The express of patients are already changed to a pattern as
illness.Medical students have only ability hearing their word only as a illness.True their
spirit did not known by even themselves.
True their spirit condition is different. In a normal man ,one his soul control one his brain.
But the case of schizophrenia many evil spirits control their brain with his soul.
Bible did not say all mental illuness is by evil spirit.

7 The Name of God

The study ing of God name(in old testament) was important field
in OT Bible theology.Now all scholar had given up.
"YAHWE"is only Oligenes's opinion.perfect error.
Noone can know it.
This century Oxford University Prof ,Driver wrote important paper
in this field.
Driver researched 2th Sargon age assylia.He thought God name is
appear in man name.
Old Israel Rabi had been forbited using true name of God.
But a few people used Divine name as his child name.
The same factor such case is "yama"by him.
many "-yama" name existed there.
Akkadian language often omit "ha".
In classical Hebrew exist is "haya".
Live is "haya" too.Bible's thought is "The primary being is only God"
"The primary existing is only God".
This "haya" is "hayama"in Canannaite,El Amaruna Tafren.
And in Ugaritic it is "hym".This is "h-y-m-".Ugaritic vowel can not understand.
By modern etymology of Semitic language.

Another important name of God is "El-Saday".
El mean God simply.
The problem is this "saday".
Many of Scholar insist this is come from "sade".
"sade"in Hebrew and "Sadu" in Akkadian mean mountain and field.
This word's root is "sati" in Sumerian langwage.Meaning is same Verg.
All world acient language usually T change D.

In Biblical Greece ,Death is "sanatosu".In Biblical Hebrew,
Devil is "satan".They were maybe same word in most acient age.
Because the thought of Bible is death was come from Satan.

Most acient Egyptian language suggest more important information.
"Saatt ta"-Eath-destroyer
"Stan"-goose God
"Sathasiu amiu Tuat"-Tuat X,a group of drowned being in the Tuat
"Sattiu"-A group of gods
"Sati"-Tuat V,god who guarded the river of fire
"Sethasiu"-Tuat X,a class of being on waters of the Tuat

From this grossaly,We can know Egyptian had how impression
such word "S-T-","S-T-S-",.It was God or devil.Heavn or tuat.

Maybe ,Satan is God's first creature.
God gave him his secondary divine name like man sometimes do so.
Of course "Satan" is not true name.

I sometimes think "Hayama Satoshi" is possibly relation with God's name.
If it is truth,
God suggest me big project program existence using me and my
descendant by this name.
My grandmother name was "Sadae" Hayama .
God moved parent's brain when thinking naming new baby.
God's problem to her was knowing special relation God between
our family from acient age and protect and teach me about
Existence of God .But she was foolish .She did not live
accoding to God's program. She had never read even Japanese Bible.
So Satan's attack to me was sacceed.I am still ill.
Noone prayed for me in my family cotain her.Foolish!.
I thought and thought for 3 years about this.
This is coincidence and distortion? .But I think it is not coincidence.
I think Most of people think this thought abnormal.
But for me this is serious problem.
REFERENCE(only main )
Koelher/Baumgaltner The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of OT.
Budge An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary.
Gordn Ugaritic Textbook.
El Amaruna Taflen
Tomson.M.R The Sumerian Language
Chicago Univ Press The Assyrian Dictionary
Vaux.R Histoire Ancienne D'Israel
Rad.G.v Die Thologie der geschichtlichen Uberlieferungen Israel
Kittel Theological Dictionary of the NT

8.My relationship with God

I have never heard God's word.
But I think my praying was sometimes rialized.
For example ,The releasing Walesa.L
,releasing Eastan Euolopian people and U.S.S.S. people.

Reason of I thought my praying release USSR is I prayed in church"USSR and easthon Eouropian people is troble for Kremlin's dictatorship, the Lord ,you must punish dictator"and next day's news paper annownce Brezinev dead and after Walesa .L released.Church member feared me and said he is catched by evel spirit. I thought and thought ,this is ...????
Exactly ,about 8 hours after from my praying time ,he dead. and his death was starting point of the releasing of USSR and Eathtan.
I think abusolutely now condition is better than USSR age .
IF that cold war continuee even now USSR is target of USA misail.
But true is God knows only.
Then the Cold War continued for long time.
Tention of U.S.A. and U.S.S.R was near limits.I thought if we can not urgentry solve this,
War come.If it rearized ,Japan must fight ,too by accoding to U.S.-Japan Security Trety.We
will be target of U.S.S.R nuclear weapon misail.
And I thought it is better to destroy not capitalism of U.S.A. but Stalin system of U.S.S.R..
then to stop more product nuclear weapon and keeping peace.
Because it was better for all country ,of course for Russian
specialty for Japan.Of course though Japan and U.S.A. are bad ,too.
If truly such thing was realized by my praying,anyone must not thank for me.Man must thank for only God.
I prayed some the stopping of War after that.
But nearly my thought is difference.If it have no possibility of coming crisis to Japan,I never pray for any War and suffer.In Bible who pray for the world peace? Nobody.They prayed
only nessisaly to realized work that God given.
Modern people pray big thing.God feel only their arrogance.
So I pray everyday only my health and realize myself God's program.
I do not teach such information to scholar .
Because it is sin revealing secret to The Lord.
For example ,mankind must not know about God existence.
I do not give mankind knowledge.
Becouse I fear very much my thoughtless behaiver put God trouble.
I am on ground He is on heavn.I am dust front him.
If my befaiver put him trouble.I must carry responssibility.
But I teach this to single good young lady.
Because I think my descendant increasing is program of God.

I had been thought "to teach about God ,or to hide it"for 9 years.
Because if I break God's program,God may abandon me.
The man do not have enough love to God must killed by God.
He do not love fool and not serious man.
At last I thought maybe God hope hide it.Becouse maybe it is not Satan but himself that hide himself.
For God it is easy create clever man like me. But he have never done.
If God hope it ,it is easy suggest mankind own existence.
But it is error that I never said about God's secret to anybody too.
I think maybe God hope I create group whom they have faith.But it is not religion but my descendant.
I think I must prepare next age accoding to God's program accoding to his Revelation of St.John.
It is impossible completely I teach only lady that she is God's program.
But if I try to say only purpose accoding to God's program,God must forgive my fail . I
thought and thought for long years about such my thought is whether right or contain some
mistake and became convoluted logic and fail to error superstition. I checked all my thought
proccess countless times from many angle.

Sometimes I lost self-confidence,and sometimes recovered it. Although Now I conclude it is maybe right.
I thought such.
By indiscriminately annownce risk factor for me happend case is not good. But nervous concealing is maybe need not.But I do not know God mind exactly.

9.Today's Drug Induced Disease
-In this paper I tried to understand Drug Induced Disease from various points of view-
Satoshi Hayama 2001
Our country Japan is beautiful But as it were drug poisoning's country too.For hard economic grew up,Japanese ignored many important things.
Insufficient caution of government,enterprises,hospitals has made original problem. The other day,when I explained about Sumon disease ,a foreign scholar said "Oh, I like Sumou."It is happy country that such disease not exist.
In drug induced diseases ,continue to use same drug,the mysterious illness happen only the drug make ,the studying about the illness will be useful for understanding cause illnes,such disease have worth to study.For example haloperidol is one of such drug .Given to schizophrenia patients case ,Problem are few.But given to diagnosed wrongly personality disorder,eccentric person,as schizophrenia and dementia elder,problem children case have made many induced disease.
They are abandoned by doctors,lawyers and citizen's group.For long term society has ignored the
right of mental patiens,Japanese situation is serious.Long term haloperidol given laboratory animal and patient's brain many finding exist.Though that finding is not more serious than mercury poisoning,CO poisoning and another poisoning But about patient's impression haloperidol's patients is more serious.
Why? We have thought about schizophrenia main biological patology,it is polyrrhea of dopamine and about haoperidol's main role is D2 receptor blocking.The reason of many psychiatrists have treated this problem lightly is they have thought haloperidol's object is receptor.
But is it true?We have thought about schizophrenia as catecholamine disorder and for catecholamine's control, drug is easy to make.But that thought discus schizophrenia as same level with merancory and Parkinson's disease.Nearly young doctor scasly look at their end stage.If our old memory is exact,schizophrenia must more serious and many-sided disease.
Maybe schizophrenia's main biological pathorgy is abnormal of many gene expression.
For example ,the genes controlling thinking,affect.Some genes are activated and some genes are reprersed.Haloperidol's role is activating reprersed gene and repreresing activated genes.I think all major tranquilizer have common effect,exquisite gene controlling like this over producer's purpose.
So ,though haloperidol's cell toxicity is weak,genes toxicity is strong in the case of given to normal brain.For treatment of halopeidol induced brain disease ,researching controlled gene by haloperidol and activating reprersed genes and reprersing activated gene,produce such mew medicine.It is not impossible.
I think for example next experiment method .

1 In the case cerebrovascular accident,schizophirenia patients need ope,get the neurons from each important parts and culture.
2 Gene analysis and compare it normal brain's .and find difference.
3Add Haloperidol both and observe about normalized gene in schizophrenia and destroyed gene in normal brain.
4 Analysis found gene's function.About normalized gene in schizophirenia .Research the relation them and controlling system about thinking and affection.About destroyed normal brain's gene,research chemical substance that can normalize them for treatment medicine studying.

Without patients such studying do not give benefit to society.
But even how few patients they have the right studied for recover as the right of patients about not only drug induced disease but also all rare sick patients.
United Nation order it as human right,WHO order researching institute that they have .Only one company product medicine for all world patients.And International Red Cross order one hospital in each nation.If world think more serious such rare sick patients treatment is not dream.
About haroperidol political problem exist.At U.S.S.R age,many political offender given in mental hospital.After released the rich of them escape to Germany and U.S.A the poor of them still in Russia.Russia Government have not opened information about them.

I read for example next leterature.(without Japanese scholar's)
*Hyman,S.E/Nestler,E.J The Molecular Foundations of Psychiatry 1993
*Haloperidol induces persistent down-regulation of tyrsine hydroxylase
immunoreactivity in substantia nigra but not ventral tegmental area in the rat.    Neuroscience May'98
*Induction of reactive oxygen species in neurons by haloperidol  J Neurochem Sep '98
*Haloperidol-induced cell death -mechanism and protection with vitamin E in vitro
Neuroreport Dec'95
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clonal hippocampal cells:suppression of NF-kappaB and neuroprotection by antioxidants.
J Neurosci Oct'98
*Effect of a genetic polymorphism of CYP1A2 inducibility on the steady state
plasma concentration of haloperidol and reduced haloperidol in Japanese patients
with schizophrenia. Ther Drug Monit Jun '00
*Oral dyskinesias and striatal lesions inrat after long-termco-treatment with
haloperidol and 3-nitropropionic acid. Neuroscence Dec'98

----------------------SUMMARY FROM JAPANESE PAPER--------------------
Long term haloperidol given laboratory animal and patient's brain many finding exist.
I summarized and translated Japanese papers next .
*Arioka,I 1976 "Brain Disease by Tanquilizar"
(A). Give Chlorpromazie to 4 groups rabitt 6 monthes,peroral
Group 1=11.3mg,Group2=10mg,Group3=6.7 ,Group4=3.3mg/day
After 3 month stopped giving,
1.Cerebral Cortex-- Nissl degeneration,Vacuolar degeneration,shrinkage,dicreaseor increase nidus chrommatin,nuclear membrane unclear,nucleorrhexis,disarranged laminar construction of cortex with growth glia cell,
2.Hippocampus-- same
3.Cerebellar Cortex--same
(B) to guinea Chlorpromazie 10mg/day peroral 3 month
telangiectasia,blood bessel degeneration like vitreum,Vacuolar degeneration,groth glia cell,
(C)to guinea reserpine 0.05mg /day peroral 3 month
tunicia vavasculosa hypertrophy,brainstem hemorrhage,vacuolar degeneration,cork-screw,
(D)to rat Chlorpromazine 1.25mg/kg 5day in a week,8 month injection
Cerebral Cortex--satellitosis,neuronophagia,
1.brainstem-- cell to pallor,
2.prukine cell degeneration
(E)to rat CPZ 5mg/kg injection a day in two days 2month
25% of cerebral cortex to hyperchomia,shrinkage

*Tsuyoshi Ishii "Neuropatology"
-After long term major tranquilizer human brain-
brain congestion,brain edema,petechiae,chromosomal breakage,satellitosis,neuronophagia

*Tsuyosi Ishii "Chemical Poisoning"
-Dead by syndrome malin human brain-
brain edema,
Cerebral Cortex--destroyed cell construction,atrophy and deciduation of neuron,
2.ceruleus nucleus nigra--melanin decrease

------------------------CASE REPORT---------------------------------
I report a case next.
20 years ago.At 15 -17 age. Diagnosed wrongly as "v.a schizotypal personality".The physician in charge misunderstand patient talk as idea of reference "I am like Dostoevsky's hero( mean resemble Dostevsky's hero)"at the first medical examination. Truely the aftereffect of meningitis then. symptoms was insomnia . Took major tranquilizer and antidepressants for example haloperidol 10mg /day for two years by doctor.
After starting medicine,insomnia became worse,parkinsonism,catalepsy,fervescence,prodrome of syndrom malin,dyskinesia(syndrome oculaire,opisthotonus,glossal project),akathisia, uneasiness,unstable spirit condition,epilepsy(main tonicolonic in sleeping time)start one or two times for a month,intellect lowering,myotomia,dementia,forgot his name in short time,derangement of capacity to register,for disturbarnce of memorization mistake when count as chairman at majority decision,amnesia,etc.At 17 age changed hospital.
New doctor corrected diagnose to neurosis ,stoped haloperidol and gave minor tranquilizer.But nobody can understand about his illness for long term.When patient said his illness was by medicine.Nobody approved and refused examination from some doctor in Japan.
At 20 age , bedridden.Even watching TV brain tired soon.After long year gradually such symptoms have become normalize .After 5 years from stop Haloperidol,at examination still high tendon reflex.
Now aftereffects are easy to tired(brain),epilepsy,insomnia ,headache(chronicity,not localized at after awake time do not exist,according to tired gradually encrease,head heavy feeling,not psychogenic).and taking diazepam,triazolam.When stop this diazepam ,triazolam, circadian rhythm is into disorder.
This case did not bring it trial.The next day gone to work his brain is tired, absentminded can not move.One day go to work and next day in bed.
On Head-CT cortical atrophy existed at 23 age.On EEG spike wave , reversed phase,
irregular in size wave,exist. neuron death ,degenerative atropy,catecholamine disolder,abnomal proteingenesis from destroyed gene by medicine and another unknown pathology like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease exist.Of course another sick possibility for example melancholia ,but all another possibility have contradiction. On 35 age Head-MRI , some cortical atropy point recovered.Atropia neurons have recovered cell size by autotherapy.
On brain wave there are four stages sleeping.Brain wave's feature were coming sleeping time brain wave at awaking time.Usually human lose consciousness time are first stage .but in awaking time second stage's wave spindle,K-complex come.This case pacient decided that he do not bring it court.
Diagnosed fatty lever from 23 age. GPT170.all virus(-)Weight encrease time highGPT.Doctor treat lever said "constitution might be changed by drug".
Many patients more large quantity tranquilizer took do not happen any problem.I think SNPs relative about this difference.
The doctor seem to think drug-indused disease in mind ,but for him difficult say that in Japan.We have not known foreign doctor.We continue looking for doctor .Though now,by his health condition,it is difficult go abroad for examination at once,We hope to know good doctor information clinical neurologist best(or psychiatrist)..

-----------------STUDYING THEME--------------------------
I have studied next theme.
1.How mechanism exist about haloperidol happen brain lesion?
 *In normal dopamin brain HPD too decrease the input ,and happen cell death.
*HPD directly destroy neuron.
*HPD injure gene and gene produce abnormal protein.
*HPD (increase or decrease) receptor,or destroy receptor site.
*HPD (increase or decrease)catecholamines production.
*HPD destroy gene,DNA fragmentation.
2.How lesion exist in haloperidol dementia patient brain?
*there are many paper that long time take HPD dissect brain tissue But it is not observe HPD moving in living brain .If we hope to observe HPD moving ,we think how experimentation method by mice.
* In U.S.S.R political offender taken HPD and became dementia .I heard from a belarusian the rich of them went to Germany and U.S.A.And the poor of them are in Russia now and data was hidden by KGB still now. There are not treatment record in Germany and U.S.A on Database(Medline). But it is the most important deta.I think the United Nation or WHO had better hope opening information.
3.How treatment method or medicine can think in possibility?
*I think very difficult.
4.Which SNP relate this drug problem?
*The relation of CYP2D6 was already known in case of HPD.
5.Which check up can find abnormal most exactly?
for example PET, which choose? 1 saccharometabolism 2 bloodstream 3 oxygen consumption(Vo2) 4 receptor
MRI 1 perfusion imaging 2diffusion imaging 3 MRS
6 Possibility destoryed gene by HPD happen another illness.
I hope to hear advice specially this point. In Japan nobody can think this problem.
For example ,HPD and c-fos ,cancer.
Hapoperidol evokes c-Fos ,jun,zif268 Gene expression.
If continue expression of them after stop drug,after 20 years brain cancer will happen.
Effect to cerebrovascular
Neuron degeneration and destroyed gene 、DNA fragmentation make more serious sick,specialy cancer in brain, Alzheimer's disease ,Parkinson's disease ..Haropridol and c-fos gene relation is famous.If that possibility is high what can we do to stop it.On the contrary by useing brain hard,patients may drive brain.For example add to PET tracer another drug may induce problem..Haloperidol's expression c-fos,jun,zif268,etc have how mechanism ? It is continuee after stopping taken or not?
More simple gene problem is for example fatty lever .

------Molecular Biology of the Drug-Induced Disease---------
-New Challenge of Phamacoinducedpathology-
Satoshi Hayama

The understanding drug induced disease is difficult.Becouse many patients no problem,a few patients happen problem.For example Penicillin shock case is enough to understand his IgE
But happening from long term took unreversible disease case,the studying point is his genetic analisys.Use the result of human genome project.Only special man happen problem,genetic problem exist.
I project a experimentation .I choice haloperidol .Becouse this drug is sometimes happen problem,very popular,useable to understand brain and mental illness.

First Step-finding problem gene-
1.Beforehand one hundred lineage mice genetic analysis need.
2.For half a year,give haloperidol
3.Make taxon
b.parkinsonism at that time,but after stop HPD recover.
c. epilepsy mouse
d. like parkinson's disease mouse
e. syndrome malin mouse
f. circadian rhythm disorder mouse
g. tardive dyskinesia mouse
4 term stop to haloperidol ,and choice mice
5 genetic analysis and researching change point
6 assay catecholamines
7 count receptor,measure second messenger,G-protein
8.Analysis human genome though much given no problem man and happen problem man like such mice.
9. Analysis that man's parents .The happen problem man's genome before injured are same about
their parents.
10.Where does change exist? Find genomic locus, compare man's gene with same syndrome mice's gene.
11. After it confirm result by knockout mice and transgenic mice.
If we cann't get reasult,use Japanese monkey.By that method we can find so to speack,drug-induced disease gene and decide genomic transversion.

Second Step-making pathology-.
1.After that what does problem gene give effect to brain function ?
research this problem on molecular level.
2.Theoretical think inclusive pathology drug -induced brain disease.
3Confirm it by mice again.

Third Step-making therapentic drug.
1.If it is need ,think about gene therapy.
(but maybe it is meaningless)
2.Think how to remove continuoeing accumulated protein that is cause of neuron death and degeneration one after another in neuron
3. Give mice possible chemical substances and research possiblity as true therapentic drug.

I think drug-induced disease disorder is special constitution who has some SNPs.
In the case of some sigular combination SNPs make abnormal reaction with a specific chemical substances in drug metabolite of the specific drug.
This is "genetic drug-induced disease doctrine" that I insist in Kyoto Univ since1999.
 The problem is Mice brain are strong and short life.Many of studying of haloperidol side effect use mice ,but it is different from long term taken patients.Specially after 20 years carcinogenity from stop drug . Long life more higher animal are better.Monkey is the best.
Now drug side effect research are only statistical enumeration from clinical announcement and tissue specimen by microscope.
These studying is useful producing more few side effect drug ,medication fitted own constitution.
And at last mankind can conquer drug-induced disease from both prophylaxis and therapy.
(Phamacoinducedpathology = my word)
---------------PATHOLOGY OF SCHIZOPHRENIA------------------------------
I think the biological pathology of schizophrenia have 3 sides.
1 Catecholamine----Dopamine polyrrhea.
2 Gene and Cell----Abnormal gene expression,another gene problem and producted protein problem and signal transmit problem.
3 Synapse---Lost target synapse growth.and when transmit another synapse chosen
In Biological Physics field ,Brain function was understood as super argorithm.
I think schizophrenia is the trouble of this and when the neuron choice transmit synapse ,wrong synapse was chosen. "Identity" mean synapse grow with target only the another neuron and when transmit specified ,synapse chosen necessity in biology.In this side Tranquilizer blocked wrong target and doctor communicate make new synapse have right target.When man think something,at same time many signal transmit on neuron network .schizophrenia is the travel abnormal too.
The reason I think so is that I have thought long years ,betwean traditional German psychophathology and psycopharmacology based on another thought,how to unify it.
I think how to explain each symptom from these 3 composition.difficult.
---------Long Term Taken Neuroleptica Patient's tradive disorder.--------------
1. neuro-degeneration disease
Alzheimar's disease
little possibility
Parkinson's disease
slight high risk more than others
2.Cerebrovascular accident
little cerebrovascular difference exist.
schizophrenia brain and normal brain.
3.carcinogenesis(without brain tumor)
little or very slight high risk more than others
4.Brain Tumor
difference exist by patients group.
Halperidol stimulate c-fos ,jun.The reason expression of c-fos by HPD are stopping of receptor.
If receptor do not recover enough after stopping continue little by little gradually.If continue effect catecholamines or another secretion for example Melatonin decrease ,suppression effect of Melatonin to carcinogenesis decreace .If schizophrenia drug therapy are activating repressed genes and repressing activated gene,given to normal brain case easy to have possibility to happen genotoxic ,damaged gene.
group A schizophrenia or nearly illness patient and little side effect in taken days.
little risk
group B schizophrenia or nearly illness patient and big side effect in taken days or after.
very slight high risk
group C normal brain and little side effect in taken days.
slight high risk
group D normal brain and big side effect in taken days.
high risk

----------------JAPANESE PSYCHIATRY PROBLEM------------------
Speciality ,Japanese psychiatry has many problem.For example about 15 years ago,Utsunomiya Hospital in Japan problem was piked up by United Nations.This Hospital killed many patients ,and took out brain for studying. For United Nations researching ,Japanese government promised changing the relational law at last.The Mental Health Welfare Law.In Japan doctor and patient family could patients enter to hospital without informed consent to his death.Many patients live over 40 years in hospital and dead .Before that many doctor and pacients critisizmed .But Japanese government nature is moving by only external pressure.Still now many Mental Hospital have iron grille even University Hospital.World say Japanese psychiatry is late from other advanced nation 30 years.At Meiji-age,Prof.Shuzou Kure made psychiatry speciality in Tokyo Univ.He established psychiatry firstly in Japan.Before his age ,patients was in confinement.Kure said "Japanese mental patients have not only illness pain but also hardship living in Japan".
Japanese lawyers have refused trial for mental patients for their discrimination.The patient side lawyers used famous Tokyo Univ Prof.Shiraki as witness at Sumon Disease Trial,Minamata Disease Trial and Vaccine Trial.But the most important criminal offender was Shiraki himself at Utsunomiya Hospital Case .He was adviser position of that hospital and accepted two brains for a month for studying.This is the relation lawyer and mental patients in Japan.
The sick by medical malpractice have ignored by medical science world for some situation men's profit.This is international humanitarian important problems.Speciality,histrical background ,passivity these drug induced disease studying may has come from gave to political offender problem.

-----------------SAVING MALPRACTICE -----------------------------------
Japanese lawyers and many malpractice sufferers are too unripe to understand importance of thinking how to treat original pathology by medicine.I have been criticizing them saving sufferer is not trial but studying treatment method such difficult patient.The man rarely become the strange
disease that nobody studying by medicine .Nobody study, I couldnot help studying .
Conservative Japanese doctor have habit to ignore medical malpractice sufferer for keeping their trust .In the world Japanese doctor's society are conservative and tend to deny existence of drug induced illness.
In brain case we can understand only half of lesion by drug.Specialy the case of only brain functional disorder.I hope to establish researching such illness field as new field for example "pharmaco-induced-pathology" for more understanding drug induced brain patients systematicly comprehensively and for making that patient treatment possible.Specialy majer tranqulizer induced neuron illness ,I hope to establish new disease concept for example "Hayama's Disease".For clinical doctor standerd textbook need for example titled"The Practice of Drug-induced Inveterate Disease." In Japan I am lonely no cooperation. I request researching to Kyoto Univ some Prof.dept.of Pharmacy,dept of Medical Science.But it was difficult.They say we have no money.In Japan,pharmaceutical company's support need.If such knowledge popularize,company may decrease profit.I asked to the public researching institute got much money from Ministry of Education Japan.But they could not understand importance of problem.When his canvassing I talked with the Prime Minister,but he could not understand .Both hospital side lawyer and sufferer side lawyer do not help .Sufferer side lawyer fear "if many malpractice sufferer will possible to treat ,We may return money to hospital".Sufferer and their family do not help . I am the member of "The Medical Malpractice Information Center"(Headquarters office in Nagoya Japan,lawyer's group) and "The Citizen's Group to Establish The Law of Patient' Right in Japan"(headquarters office in Fukuoka Japan ,lawyer's group). I sent letter to International Red Cross,WHO,and United Nations as only individual.
I hope that studying for drug-induced brain disease become active.For example "Foundation of Drug-Induced Disease Research" ,international congress ,Magagine"Drug-Indeced Disease" like Nature, I dream.I do not know such studying group.In the case of my lack of knowledge I hope to know.If man do not start now,even if the age Alzheimer's can treat come,only such disease can not treat.There is no method ,if I hope to create such studing group."In Neurology fierd doctor can diagnose only a half of patients.Another patients illness are unknown."A doctor taught us in class Kyoto Univ.I think this is the most important neurology's theme. World needs rare neurology sickes studying institute.If only my lack of knowledge I hope know.In Japan there are not.
It is difficult.Becouse if the doctor make rare illness treatment possible it is not big achivement in this world.If found treatment drug,company will be obliged to product it responsibility for a few patients. I feel importance of dialogue with company.

--------------INTRODUCE MYSELF-------------------------------------
Satoshi HAYAMA
Kyoto Univ ,Faculty of science ,Division of Biological Science ,
I am Japanese man 37years old. Kyoto University student,an auditor College of Science (belong to zoology).

Japanese Univ is closed style.The system of auditor in Japan is can not graduate ,can attend class and use libraly ,have student identification card,need school expenses.There are faculty ,examination exist and no-examination at entrance.In school I attend molecular biology class and sometimes medical science class.Shiga prefecture contain lake Biwa ,east next from Kyoto. I hope to entrance to medical Univ .
My another field are Old and New Testament,Literature,philosophy,Buddhism,arts.I leaved before graduate Hanazono University Department of Literature Japanese literature (in Kyoto, Zen missionaly)
,after it 4 years auditor Kyoto Univ Dept of literature ,Christianity Speciality.My theme was "The Existence of God".My thought about studying is "Know knowledge that you must need".At 4 age ,I though of playing time color paper "I think this is green.mother said same ,but if though She and I look at another color,expres it same word ,how to confirm it.This was famous "The problem of language"Ludwig Wittgenstein's .At junior high school age ,I decided attain the truth and read many the classic.Though got result after 7years,but another problem,must open to society or must not open to society problem happened.At senior high age I published collection of poem.It was appreciated.But expression is not increase knowledge.I study religion ,Zen,Bible,Acient near east language.I researched old men name and place names in acient near east,becouse Bible God true name unknown express in old men name. I studyed many field .But it is not wayward but the road. From the beginnig I had caution to human culture.If it include big error ,for I escape from it,I made my culture as many track style.That style is weak at competition.But strong to criticize bottom of human culture. I have knowledge of chinese traditional medicine.My mother have taught nursing science for 30 years and endeavored to establish two nursing school .My grandfather was worked in Army Hospital before Second War ,worked as sergeant major,nurse soldier in New Ginia at War time.

10 abstract for WPA 2002 yokohama

Encephalopathy by Antipsychotic ,Malpractice and View of Schizophrenia

Today's Psychiatry hold three difficult themes . One is understanding and cure of irreversible encephalopathy by antipsychotics .Another is malpractice.The other is integrating many historical views of schizophrenia. (a)Many of irreversible encephalopathies by antipsychotics aren't so much neuroleptic malignant syndrome a nd tardive dyskinesia as atypical chronic brain disease.I heard stories from patients,lawyers and read papers.Such patients are easy to get brain tired ,epilepsy,dementia,sleep disturbarance.They have potential brain tumor .I named it "Hayama's Disease".I studied about symptom, pathology of neuron ,gene and think to make "Recovery Drug".I suggest WPA and WHO wrestle.I hope addition to ICD and DSM .(b)Typical malpractice  is misdiagnosing eccentric person as psychoses,paradox reaction by antipsychotic as symptom and making encephalopathy.I named it "Hayama's Malpractice".We need criteria for cancel diagnosis.(c) I explain biological pathology of schizophrenia with factors' combination .1 .Catecholamine. 2.Gene and Cell (abnormal gene expression ,etc). 3. Synapse(lost target synapse grow , on transmition wrong synapse chosen, wrong transmitting composition).Identity mean necessity all neuron choose specific neuron and brain integrating all transmitting composition. And we mustn't ignore ancient Schizophrenia view as evil spirit.

Hyman SE,Nestler EJ(1993):The Molecular Foundations of Psychiatry:American Psychiatric Press
Lader MH(1977):Psychiatry on Trial :Penguin Books

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