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1. About Japanese Kanji

2D My superiority over the mankind

3. What is studying? What is genies? What is Saint?

4.Homo Hayamaus

5Natural Farming and Occupational Therapy

1.About Japanese Kanji

  Japanese is difficult for foreign people. For example all KANJI have 
own meaning.Japanese feel original another feeling even one difference 
of  KANJI.
 Satosi Hayama = tR                                
  t ha   =leaf
  R yama   =mountain    
   satoshi   =clever
 For example both  AN  and    mean clever .But another feeling.
It is special feeling .

2 . My superiority over the mankind

I was born as the greatest genius in human history . So I have usually tried to do responsible study and responsible life in behalf of mankind.
People said that there are many great man in the world.Hayama is fool . I said that I am only true scholar. The another men are not as good as they looks. If people are right ,the world continue progress. But if I am right ,the world is already dead.

I am all of study and arts,king of study and arts.I am the greatest man in world. For example people don't know what is man. Without knowing what is man,anyone cann't do nomal life. People think that someday bright someone will understand what is man. But I know nobody who is more wise than I. So I had usually studied hardest. Without me , nobody can understand any important mistery.

Up to the present geniuses have succeed to human cultures still now and change them and added new knowleadges. But my study is deferent from their's. If anything ,I have built learning to prevent mistakes.I have done over again whole human culture and the act that man get knowleadges. All up to the present geniuses had succeeded error and fabrication of human culture,too.

Mankind built their culture ,universities and authorities,so they never afraid me. But each member of mankind is weak.If I left from human society as soon as my birth and supported by some wolfes in wilderness,I could create languages and words and culture originally alone. But if another someone lived in such circumstances, he can't walk by two foot and understand any words.He didn't have any humanity throughout his life. Human culture have fabrication equivalent to difference of my ability and their's quantitatively.

I usually lived ,studied and do all activity independently from human history .But another man live and do every activity as one of mankind manipulated by human history. Man get humanity by their education barely .But they couldn't resist fabrication enter to their personality .Such many fabrication control everyone even if they study anything throughout their lifes perfectly .My ability enabled to build character without all fabrication and error for first time . Another man's knowing is to remember information according to common sense. But my knowing is to construct knowledges in truth .

My works were different from another students from elementary school age. Even if we express same thing by same word about same matter , entity of knowledges are different perfectly. I built different nerve netwark from another student in brain.

Mankind are surrounded perfectly .human culture are under my foot .It was reseached and destoried by me. Mankind are wating for sentence of death and burial quietly.Naturaly Mankind will go to ruin alone .I will leave annoying ,noisy,faultfinding mankind alone.
My purpose isn't destrying human culture and correcting human thought but saving myself and my unborn descendant from fatal collapse of mankind with pocketing my pride.

      3.  What is Studying? What is Genius? What is Saint?
  I impeach past all genius.
  What is studying?
 The studying is "Getting knowledge ought to know." It is not anything
 that each man want to know.

  Who genius think "What knowledge will I ought to get?"
  For example, Hideki Yukawa is ?  Geothe is? Newton is ?  
   No .  They studied only according to their interest. They become 
human culture affluent.But who guarantee growing human culture wealthy is 
right ? 
 Who permit it?
  They is not like me.

    They did not insist on " I am genius".  Is it modesty? 
   No.   They of course knew that no one recognize whoever insist genius
 about himself.
  True reason is 
   When mankind know they had no worth, they want no one impeach themselves.
   They know that they have no worth truly.
     2.desire for honor
   They want to become genius.
   They afraid people think them mental illness and put in mental hospital.
   If anyone insist on genius about himself, they can not any error and any 
evil in throughout life.

    I impeach Mother Teresa.Is she true saint?   No.
  She help many human life.But who guarantee worth of life whom she help?
   If 90% men helped by her have no worth? She is such great?
   She usually said all man has worth of live. It is fantasy.
  If all life has worth ,she is great Saint. So she insist on that thought.
If all life has worth, why the world become such worse ?
 She said Got command her work. Is it true?
 I think it is fantasy. If God exist, God command such work truely?
 Mother Teresa have no afraid of God.

  Of couce ,they are great men.They were right. But they are not perfect.
I was trouble for their scientifically  irresponsible. I must do studying
 that they do not study. They did not live as think after world. 
  If they live more responsible and think more prudent,they did not put me in
 doubt but help. 

4.Homo Hayamaus
Title means not I am homo sexual but my thought.I don't want to continure a member of Homo sapiens.Someday ,I will get indipendence from Homo sapiens.
HOMO HAYAMAUS is not means I make new spicies by operating gene or new religion..I want to estanblish new HOMO growp who have new complite culture aganst Homo sapiens.
I think the end of mankind's histry is near.I do not want to become great man in this histry.I want to creat new histry.I want only my decendant will keep peace and safety forever,although the world will go The third War ,The Forth War, Fifth War.
"Being forever HOMO HAYAMAUS."
This is my praying and the all of my hope.Usually I am studying hard for Homo Hayamas.
This title contains my life experence,criticizm about all of the human histry,and many important secret studying.
For example, A scholer belong to my Univ accepted novel price about immunology.But Is he advanced ?

Homo Hayamaus will certnry get independence and victry over Homo Sapiens at last.
I am praying it everyday. I think my grandfather Souichi and acient Hayama family's tradition hope and praying it in heavn,too.
"The past was Homo Sapiens,The fortune is Homo Hayamaus."

5 -------------Natural Farming and Occupational Therapy--------------------
Nov 23-25 2001 famous Japanese natural farmer Mr.Masanobu Fukuoka(farmer)had lecture in Kyoto Univ and I studied from him.His natural farming method is only making and sowing the about 1.5 cm clay ball include some kinds of seeds.I made some clay balls firstly by his student Miss.Honma's teaching.This is not easy.He does not plow,need not fertilizer based his doctorin.He have succeed plant tree in the desert in China,Africa and no tree mountain in Greece by asking from United Nations.He got some prize. From India government former vice minister,etc, attended this lecture,and they said"We hope rental Mr.Fukuoka" Fukuoka refused,already 88 years old.This Symposium is realized by student Mr.Syoujaku.All Faculty of Agriculture Kyoto Univ Professor ignored this,they do not like famous Fukuoka.He have made super excellent original rice named"Happy Hill".He is famous by his original thought and life style like Zen or old Chinese thought("Roushi,Soushi")too.His dress is always farmer's dress even in front of United States President.I think this method is useful not only plant tree but also mental illness pacient's occupational therapy.Normal farming is too hard for them and hospital worry they use plow ,hoe.Sports is not useful after left hosp.after left hosp they have no employment,but they can self sufficiency by this mrthod .But is this possible in all country? I asked him."Is this method useful in cold country,too?""where?""For example Sweden or Canada""I do not know.I have experimented only Netherlands in cold country".But only from Spring to Summer sowing is no problem.