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I was born 1964 February11 in the Siga prefecture Otsu city.
Then, the family was five members the grandfather Souichi ,grandmother of the father, the mother Hatsuko and the father.Father was the office worker, the mother are the nurse who works for the Red cross hospital., The grandfather was doing a chief director and the grandmother was doing housework.
The house was a rented house , the next of the room where I lay down was a stabl .Home was poor.
When I was born ,I was fattening at 3870 g50 cm.
Because The birthday is the morning 9 o'clock of Kigensetu, the grandfather was greatly moved and said."Wife at the house is great ,She had a child at Kigensetsu."
The lake Biwa, the town hall, the tomb of Fenorosa, the emperor Kobun's tomb, the stadium was near the house.
The grandfather'Home was the farmhouse in the Mie prefecture Matsuzaka city near the major Shinto shrine Ise .
He was the first son, but he disliked agriculture, he came to Kyoto and worked.He began at the trucker and was doing the union length, too,
He married to cousin .They had the three children..
He belonged to the army ,took part in the warII .He was No33regiment in the Tsu city and He was stationed on New Guinea as the sergeant major.
He dislike killing became a nurse soldier .
He didn't train a subordinate, and was doing only the fishing at one and was disliked from the officer .He didn't die.
He lost two child and the remainder became my father.
The father met a mother while he was being hospitalized in the phthisis.

I played with colored paper then.I noticed the thought "I call this color green .Mother call this green .Another men call this color green . But what prove we are looking at same color? If we are looking different color without being noticed each other ,we don't have any method to know it."
So I was worried.But I thought."Though we don't have any proof to looking at same color ,the mankind has ability pass this thing." I had been thinking this problem never thought by anyone . But Wittgenstein.L already thought this problem before some years ago.

I was afficted with asthma attack in those days.I thought that"What is death of man? If I die, myself who is thinking about death will be remain after my death."I was watching death and meditate about death every night.

I said to friend "why we are childish ? If anything, all adult are childish.Becase they said us childish and make us go to kindergarten."
Childish is youchi and kindergarten is youchien in Japanese.So I called youchienji too.It destroyed my pride.I was angry about such naming included meaning that all children is fool and human language is too doubtful and weak to use in modern age.Mankind displayed me such foolish language.language is most important tool to think.


If anyone is taken to monkey room of zoo and said "we command you live here happy with many monkeys",he will be worrid.My primary school life is just like such man's unhappy life.Anyone don't allow me to live by true character.My true character could not appear by way of a primary school student.Every force false character which they think this is Hayama Satoshi's character to me.I didn't have any way to know true self character.I could't have noticed that I had been playing false character which everyone force to me.It was very dangerous.I had forgotten my true character. My character had large strain.So I have managed two character simultaneously.My true character grew up and false character grew up ,too.